Why Polegon®

Polegon® is the first educational workshop in which we simulate an authentic team environment and improve the efficiency and performance of each team by playing with LEGO® building bricks.

The workshops are a fusion of serious work and entertainment – they address the elements which affect the team's performance, such as common goals, relationships within a team (trust, communication, etc.), roles of individuals, working processes, and leadership.

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The Polegon® workshops open and solve the most common challenges your teams face in the company: 

  1. Lack of trust between team members.
  2. Fear of conflicts, which can be triggered by employee’s actions, opinions, ideas.
  3. Lack of commitment to the team and company. 
  4. Avoiding responsibility
  5. Insufficient focus on achieving results within the team and company.
  6. Lack of original ideas within the team.



Through various Polegon® simulation games and subsequent reflection after each game the teams will achieve: 

  1. Improvement in creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.
  2. Greater trust and cooperation between team members, which consequently brings more successful problem solving.
  3. Improvement in communication inside the team and between teams, thus improving inter-departmental cooperation.
  4. Understanding the roles and responsibilities within a team, and accepting decisions
  5. Understanding the common goals of your team and company, as well as the company’s set of values.



The participants of Polegon® workshops learn various skills; they will:

  1. Learn the value of a team.
  2. Understand the purpose of a team and get to know different types of teams.
  3. Learn the characteristics of a successful team.
  4. Learn the characteristics and routines of a highly efficient team.
  5. Experience all four levels of team development through simulation. 
  6. Be introduced to common dysfunctionalities of a team.
  7. Get to know different roles within a team.
  8. Learn the basic team rules and values.
  9. Participate in different simulation games.



A Polegon® workshop can be organised either in two sessions, one lasting half a working day (up to 4 hours), or in one single session (up to 8 hours). They can take place either in your company premises or at a different location; they can also be an integral part of a particular event (internal conferences, team building events, etc.).


  • Short, concise, straight to the point. Through play we see things from a different perspective, we can spot our individual strengths and weaknesses we might not even be aware of, which enables us to make a step forward.

    Participant of Polegon® Team workshop
  • It became clear who is willing to cooperate and who prefers to work alone. We had to be creative and resourceful, which I found fantastic. It was a relaxed workshop, we had loads of laughs.

    Participant of Polegon® Team workshop
  • LOTS OF ACTIOOON! Laughter, good mood, positive atmosphere … Everything was great and I would love to experience this workshop again in the future.

    Participant of Polegon® Team workshop
  • Great experience, which teaches us a lot about ourselves, especially about communication between team members, leadership and the organisation of work.

    Participant of Polegon® Team workshop
  • Everyone has to participate, you cannot hide.

    Participant of Polegon® Team workshop

Polegon® Team

Kamenko Kesar

Kamenko Kesar racks up more than 20 years of experience in the field of team leadership, working in companies such as Microsoft, Si.mobil and Outfit7, as well as his own company Adrema. He is a successful, amusing, and creative mentor and motivator.

Aleksander Zadel

Psychologist Aleksander Zadel is an expert in work psychology. He has an aptitude to delve deeper into the dynamics of relationships and people's minds, and is able to draw wise teachings that benefit all from these situations.

Gorazd Špegel

Gorazd Špegel stores a lot of positive energy, which he generously shares with others. He’s a motivator, animator, and a red nose volunteer in his spare time.

Luka Muhič

For the last decade, Luka has been the head organiser and caretaker of various workshops. His goal is to make workshops run according to the fixed plan.

Sara Švegl

Sarina specialises in both social and traditional media. Her goal is to make as many people aware of the existence of Polegon®.

And Others

Alenka, Marja, Katra, Tina, Klemen, Sandi, Rok, Marko and Matej are enthusiastic people who help the Polegon® team organise and execute the workshops and team building events.


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Miklošičeva 30, Ljubljana 

Kamenko Kesar

041 364 055